SWITCHING to Tune Talk VALUE Prepaid Pack (“TTVP”) by existing Tune Talk subscribers

Existing Tune Talk subscribers (defined by older tariff plans (such as TuneTalk Buddies) or activated before 14th January 2019) can make a switch to the TTVP pack.

Upon switching, Tone Excel or Tone Plus subscribers will lose all credit previously available prior to switching and will no longer enjoy incentive schemes (in any way or form) from Tone Excel Sdn Bhd and Tone Plus Sdn Bhd.

Eligible existing Tune Talk subscribers will also be notified via SMS and simply have to follow the steps provided.

The new TTVP pack comes with an allocation of 10GB of Free Basic Internet every 30 days. With basic internet, subscribers who do not have any data plans or bonus data will not utilize pay-per-use data and charges will not be applicable and instead utilize the basic internet quota (speed up to 64 kbps).

However an important note is that older plans, bonuses, validity extensions and their corresponding prices will also not be available for newly switched lines.

No, you can continue to use your existing sim card and the changes will be reflected automatically upon successful switching.

‘Switching’ from current existing packs to Tune Talk VALUE Prepaid (TTVP) is FREE from 14th January until further notice.

No, it is not compulsory to switch. As long as you have received an SMS from us, you are considered ‘eligible’, and can switch anytime.

The switch will take up to 30 minutes. You will receive a confirmation SMS once its activated.

Upon successful switch to TTVP pack, all your existing data and call plans and quotas will be forfeited.

*Quotas that will be forfeited include Data Freebies (Free Data from top ups, campaigns, etc.), Data Plans (Data/+VIBE plans, yearly plans and monthly renewals), booster plans and so on.

Upon switching, you will automatically be utilizing Basic Internet (64kbps) and will need to subscribe to a Data Plan to enjoy high speed data quota.

The plan will stop upon switching and you will have to resubscribe once again.

Your credit validity will not change after switching. (e.g. if it currently expires on Feb 2019, it will remain as such even after switching). 

Extended validity is also available for activation by TTVP subscribers at a cost of RM100.00.

For more information, head to the 1 year validity page https://www.tunetalk.com/my/en/coolplan/sospecial/one-year-validity

The list of available plans are listed in the page HERE

No, the switch will only happen for the number that you have requested for. You will need to manually send in the request for each number that you own.

Unfortunately this is not possible. To add, TT VALUE packs come with more data quota for data plans, 10Gb basic internet and an ever expanding list of UNLIMITED free passes for your favorite apps - for maximum value!

I understand that by switching to TTVP pack:-

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