Outsmart Scammers and Avoid Frauds


Malaysians have lost over RM2 billion to scams and frauds in the last 5 years.
PDRM recorded 6,552 cases with RM405.7million losses from 2018 to September 2020.
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Source: Astro Awani & New Straits Times

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What are Social Media Scams?

Any scams on a social media platform that attempts to steal your personal data or use your account to scam your friends/contacts

How scammers try to trick you?


May pose as your friend and ask for money or send a phishing link leading you to a malicious site.

e.g. “Hey dude, this is my new IG account. Check out my latest TikTok post and LIKE it!”


Offering you prizes from contests you did not enter to get your personal information.

e.g. “Anda baru sahaja memenangi iPhone 21 terbaru yang belum keluar di pasaran. Klik link ini sebelum terlambat!”


DM or PM you via social media platforms with message like “Have you seen this photo of you?” and send you a link that will land to an unsolicited page.

e.g. “Is what this article saying about you true? Find out here!


Present themselves as a highly influential person willing to start a relationship while he/she catfishes you.

e.g. “Hey there, handsome. I’m Hannah. Saw your profile and thought we should go out on a date together.”

protect yourself from scams

How can you protect yourself?

Check with your friends and family to see if they receive similar messages
DO NOT simply accept friend requests on social media platforms
Put your profile on private so that only your connections can message you
DO NOT click on suspicious links
Verify the offer being advertised before attempting to claim anything
DO NOT give out your personal information

Test yourself and don’t get fooled!

How do I detect a suspicious number?

Check the number at https://semakmule.rmp.gov.my/ if it has been reported for being fraudulent or report any suspicious scams to CCID hotline at 03-2610 1559 or 03-2610 1599.

Response time: 0.34320402145386
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