Outsmart Scammers and Avoid Frauds


Malaysians have lost over RM2 billion to scams and frauds in the last 5 years.
PDRM recorded 6,552 cases with RM405.7million losses from 2018 to September 2020.
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Source: Astro Awani & New Straits Times

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What are SMS Scams?

Messages that usually contain a link that lands on an official-looking website to steal your personal information or install malicious software on your device

How scammers try to trick you?


Tricks you into clicking a link or opening a file by claiming there’s an issue with your account or payment.

e.g. “Error detected. Click this link to resolve the issue”


Sent from unidentified or suspicious-looking number asking for financial help to solve an emergency.

e.g. “Tolong Abang! Abang baru tukar nombor. Abang perlukan RM1,200, nanti abang bayar balik.”


States there are suspicious activities involving your bank account and persuade you to provide sensitive info to steal your money.

e.g. “Someone has logged into your account. Reply this SMS with your password to protect your account.”


Claim that you have unclaimed parcel and request for unpaid shipping fees to complete delivery.

e.g. “Kos penghantaran anda masih tidak dijelaskan. Bayar ke akaun ini untuk penghantaran ekspres.”

protect yourself from scams

How can you protect yourself?

Delete the SMS to avoid risk of accidentally responding or opening the link
DO NOT reply directly to any spam SMS
Report the number to your bank or to the CCID scam response centre
DO NOT click the links in the SMS
DO NOT give out your personal information

#CyberCrimeAlert by MCMC

Test yourself and don’t get fooled!

How do I detect a suspicious number?

Check the number at https://semakmule.rmp.gov.my/ if it has been reported for being fraudulent or report any suspicious scams to CCID hotline at 03-2610 1559 or 03-2610 1599.

Response time: 0.35431098937988
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