Outsmart Scammers and Avoid Frauds


Malaysians have lost over RM2 billion to scams and frauds in the last 5 years.
PDRM recorded 6,552 cases with RM405.7million losses from 2018 to September 2020.
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Source: Astro Awani & New Straits Times

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What is Malware?

Tricks you into installing a software on your device and allowing access your files or observe your activities on the device.

How scammers try to trick you?


A type of malware that lurks on your device and monitors your activity by accessing your camera/microphone.

e.g. A pop-up requesting you to download a new app


Also known as Credential Stealers, it obtains your usernames, passwords and online payment details by tracking your keystrokes.

e.g. Observing your payment methods on e-commerce sites


Installed on your device and gain unauthorised access to your bank account by recording your login details when you log in on an infected device.

e.g. Monitoring you as you log into your bank account via tablet


A collection of devices that launch coordinated spams or denial-of-service attacks online. Your device may be forcibly used as part of a botnet by malware that has been installed.

e.g. Your device performs automated tasks without your consent

protect yourself from scams

How can you protect yourself?

Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your device
DO NOT trust pop-up windows that request you to download a software
Perform scans on your devices frequently
DO NOT give any permission that is beyond functionality
Be careful when opening email attachments or downloading images
DO NOT install any updates or Apps from unofficial stores or websites
Ignore advertisements that offer exclusive new apps

Test yourself and don’t get fooled!

How do I detect a suspicious number?

Check the number at https://semakmule.rmp.gov.my/ if it has been reported for being fraudulent or report any suspicious scams to CCID hotline at 03-2610 1559 or 03-2610 1599.

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