Outsmart Scammers and Avoid Frauds


Malaysians have lost over RM2 billion to scams and frauds in the last 5 years.
PDRM recorded 6,552 cases with RM405.7million losses from 2018 to September 2020.
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Source: Astro Awani & New Straits Times

Call Scams Info

What are Scam Calls?

Attempts to steal your money or personal details via phone calls, usually by offering a gift or through threats and intimidation.

How scammers try to trick you?


Offer exaggerated fake prizes, products or services.

e.g. “You just won a 1-month stay at 5-star hotel and a TV worth RM15,000!”


Claim to be an authority to get your bank account details.

e.g. “Hello Encik, kami perlukan nombor MyKad dan kata laluan untuk kemaskini akaun Encik.”


Cause panic by threatening an arrest and warning about unpaid debts or taxes.

e.g. “We have received a request to tow your car due to 3-month unpaid fees!”


Create fake stories and convince you to transfer money.

e.g. “Puan, boleh tolong bayarkan bil tunggakan makcik? Kalau boleh, transfer ke akaun ini sekarang.

protect yourself from scams

How can you protect yourself?

Ask the caller to verify their identity and take down their name & phone number
DO NOT panic
Hang up your phone and alert your family & friends
DO NOT follow their instructions
Lodge an official report or verify caller’s identity with the agency they claim to be from
DO NOT give out your personal information

#CyberCrimeAlert by MCMC

Test yourself and don’t get fooled!

How do I detect a suspicious number?

Check the number at https://semakmule.rmp.gov.my/ if it has been reported for being fraudulent. Report any suspicious scams to CCID hotline at 03-26101559 / 03-26101599 or NSRC hotline at 997 for free.

What is NSRC?

Find out more about National Scam Response Centre here

Response time: 0.36006379127502
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