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DAILY DATA ROAMING gives you Internet access while roaming in selected countries for only RM33 a day.

DAILY DATA ROAMING can be used across these listed operators network. Kindly refer to Daily Data Roaming section for details.

This service is offered to Tune Talk's subscribers that are roaming in the DLDR operators network. Subscribers will have to dial *138# to subscribe.

To ensure that you are always logged on to Tune Talk's DLDR's network, you can select using the manual network selection on your handset.

Note: Steps may differ slightly from phone to phone

Step 1: Select 'Menu'

Step 2: Select 'Settings'

Step 3: Select 'Network' or 'Connectivity'

Step 4: Select 'Operator selection' or 'Search mode'

Step 5: Select 'Manual', and your phone will now search for mobile networks that are available around you.

Step 6: Select one of the listed networks above:

To change back to automatic network selection, repeat Step 1 to For Step 5, select 'Automatic' and your phone will now be able to select any available network automatically.

DLDR price plan is only applicable for usage on the listed operators. If you are logged on to a Non-DLDR operator's network, you will not be able to access data.

Your daily usage will be based on local time and date of the city from 12:00am to 11:59pm.

Your internet usage whilst overseas will be charged based on 5 geographical zones.

Yes, starting from 11th Dec 2017 Tune Talk user will not be able to use Pay Per Use/ Zone Based Data Roaming upon landed in the destination country. To subscribe kindly refer to the Zone Based Data Roaming section.

At launch, the Zone Based Data Roaming covers more than 50 destinations. For latest destinations list, kindly refer to Tune Talk Zone Data Roming

There could be 2 reasons:

i. Data roaming is not available in that country

ii. IF data roaming is available, BUT not listed on the list of countries, that particular country will fall under Zone 5 - Rest of the World.

The charging block is per 1 MB.

No, the rates are for 1MB of usage.
To subscribe to our Daily Data Roaming Promotion of RM33/day, kindly refer to Tune Talk Daily Data Roaming

First, make sure that your mobile phone is Data/Internet compliant, and then follow the internet setting configuration below:
Name: Tunetalk
APN : tunetalk
Username : (leave blank)
Password: (leave blank)

*This internet setting configuration is for all type of data plan. Click here for more info

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