Tune Talk Buddies Pack

Are you still on Tune Talk Buddies Pack? Why not #GoBeyond with the all new Tune Talk Hi-Value Pack to experience 35GB Hi-Speed internet and unlimited calls with no speed cap at RM35/month!

Enjoy our super low flat rates to any number, anywhere, all the time!


per minute


per SMS


per MMS


per MB

  • Local voice calls are charged at blocks of 60 seconds.
  • Data is charged at blocks of 1MB.

These are the plans below that comes with Tune Talk Buddies Pack

Now you can enjoy Everything. All the time! With data plans of only RM68/month.
What you see is what you get! The only online prepaid plans that fit your every needs with no hidden data buckets.
Tune Talk most affordable plan yet! The only Incredible Plan for Incredible People.
Is all you need lah! Get a basic call plan that meets your needs and stay connected with everyone on Tune Talk today.
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