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Are you still on Tune Talk CUN Value Pack? Why not #GoBeyond with the all-new Tune Talk Pek Jimat to experience fast, seamless internet as low as RM33/month!

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#GoBeyond with Tune Talk Pek Jimat to experience fast, seamless internet as low as RM33/month

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Enjoy our super low flat rates to any number, anywhere, all the time!


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Note: Local voice calls are charged at RM0.22 per minute.

Top Up and Earn Points

Earn Tune Talk Points for every sen you spend.

FREE AirAsia Flights

Redeem FREE flights with your Tune Talk Points.

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FREE PA Insurance

Top up a minimum of RM50 and get covered every month.

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4G Hi-Speed Data

No more “potong steam” as you stream with blazing speed.

10GB Basic Internet

More data for your daily needs.

Wide Network Coverage

Powered by Celcom Axiata Network.

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#JomEnjoy Rewards

Enjoy all the perks as a Tune Talker!

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